Hermano Animal

las ovejas.jpg

The work Hermano Animal consists of videos and drawings of Andrés' farm biography line. 

The biographic line shows events relevant to the landscape and the farm, such as a year of drought, and man made events such as wars and ecological disasters. 

The life of the farm is also punctuated by events such as when animals are born, trees are planted and solar panels are installed. 

The drawings show biographical episodes in the farm in different modes of looking at time (enveloping and developing) and inner sources of knowledge that guide the direction of decisions made on the farm. 

The show at ONCA gallery in Brighton on July 2016 exhibited one of the biography drawings next to one of the sheep-cam videos.

This is one of the videos that accompany the biographies of the farm.


It offers a view of the farm from the point of view of one of its sheep.