Exploring value, meaning and worth through practice: five art projects in rural Spain

This website is a documentation of my PhD art projects and serves as a bridge between the thesis and the exhibition that will accompany the viva. The works that create these projects spill out into each other's territories, which are not clear cut and which feed one another in rhizomatic conversations. Some images are representations of more than one singular project, enacting the connections and continuity between different areas of knowledges in the rural area of Belalcázar. 

Based on the idea of value as an indicator of social arrangements of what is important to preserve and protect, these works try to explore art as a catalyst for making values visible and transforming them. These explorations have expanded my practice to include areas of making-with people, landscape and animals of the rural village of Belalcázar, without whom these works would not have been possible. 

My research contributes to the creation of spaces in which the ability to act would emerge from inside and within the relationships between entities by co-creating other knowledges, other possibilities and other values. My practice is my way of enabling other capacities through potentia, allowing for diversity of life, of knowledges and of values to be protected. 




la cigüe?ña en el castillo.jpg

My practice embraces intra-action as a way of making with; and as such it is important to bring subjectivities into the conversation. 

These projects would not have been possible without the generosity and trust of my family, the families in Belalcázar and the extended animal family I encountered in my research.


This is not a thank you statement, this is a feminist stance that allows me to recognise that the works are the result of the relationships and with it, the potentia that they unleash for all involved.


Andrés Galindo Pizarro

Manuel Galindo Pizarro

María Josefa Pizarro Molera

Eugenia Vigara Cabanillas

Antonio Muñoz Molina

María del Carmen Chacón Blázquez

Alba Molera Chacón

María Molera Chacón

Gala Tellechea Vélez

Begoña Tellechea Vélez

Almudena Visser Vélez

Jaime, La Viejita, Las Mulas

The people of Belalcázar, Spain

Volunteers at Galgos del Sur, Spain

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, UAE

Kuwaiti Camel Racing Club, Kuwait

Sarah Humbert, University of Cambridge, UK

Jane Goodall Institute


Zareen Bharucha & Simon Payne

And the many animals with whom I share this home

RAW::COOKED was an exhibition of some of the works.


It took place in the old market in the Jewish Quarter in August 2014, it was opened by the town's mayor and featured in the local paper.